Conference 2020

Wed/Thurs Feb 19/20, 2020
Best Western Lamplighter Inn London
Michael Thompson
Carbon in a Regenerative Farm System: A Win Win Scenario For Farmers
Michael will take you on his journey - from farming on depleted soil in a harsh, dry Kansas environment to how he turned that around by learning how tosequester carbon.
Today, the Thompsons focus on rotationally grazed cattle and continuous cover practices that have increased soil organic matter, resilience to drought, water retention and
Kaytlyn Creutzberg
Vibrant Soil = Vibrant Food 
= Vibrant Opportunity
McCains, General Mills, Danone, McDonalds have all joined the regen ag conversation and are advocating for health soil,  bio-diversity, and changing consumer buying habits. What does that mean?
Regenerative farming practices build on what we already do as Innovative Farmers, such as minimal tillage, minimizing soil erosion, and using cover crops for greater resilience which are all key to on-farm profitability in the long term.
So why not?
Dr. Marc Lucotte
Glyphosate: A Controversial Product That We Need to Use Wisely

Marc will share his research on AMPA rates in soil after glyphosate use and how it effects soil function.

How healthy soil with a vibrant microbiome life is able to dissipate glyphosate residue more efficiently. As well as what the agronomic impacts of the degradation of glyphosate into AMPA in soil.

Brian Ryberg
Strip Tilled 22" Corn, Soy and Sugar Beets: Reduced Input and labour Costs: But NOT Yield!
Brian Ryberg started strip tilling sugar beets five years ago. He now raises corn, soybeans and sugar beets in 22" rows interseeded with cover crops on 5,2000 acres without any hit on yield. These new practices have cut several expensive field operations, lowered fuel and fertilizer costs and benefited soil conservation with increased residue on his fields over winter.

Conference 2020

Wed/Thurs Feb 19/20 2020
Perennial benefits and how to work them into rotations 
Louis Persusse and Mike Verdonck will talk about options to work perennial plants into corn/soy/wheat rotations and reap the benefits of year round live roots in your soil.  
Odette Menard
Soil Health  Enemies in
 Your Farm System
Odette is knowlegeable, entertaining and passionate in her tireless efforts to help farmers consider positive change in ways they manage their soil.
Soil Health and
Nutrient Availability
Learn about the functions, roles and symbiosis of the diverse life in the soil ecosystem.  An eye opening session on nutrient cycling, carbon sequestration, and communication  between plants and soil microbes. 
Joel Williams
Louis Perusse
Sebastien Angers
60" corn and cover crops
The story of an organic farmer who decided to try 60 inch corn - leading and sharing risk with a group of 15 innovative farmers    (no-till and organic) to find the best way to design with creativity and knowledge.
Dr. Mario Tenuta
Using the 4Rs to
Increase Yields
Mario will explore the ways 4R nitrogen fertilizer management reduces emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, what the implications are to farm operations and how can farmers can turn that into a win.
Ananda Fitzsimmons
How Will Regenerative Farmers be Recognized an Compensated?
Regenerative Farming practices provide a major carbon sink.
Ananada is the President of Regeneration Canada and will provide insights into conversations  happening on many levels and across the globe on how farmers using regenerative farming practices should be recognized and compensated.
 Dr. Peter Kotzeff 
How I Integrated Cattle Grazing Into My Farm Operation
Why do  I graze cattle?   Some of my land base is best suited for grazing. On my cropland using pastures and forages diversify my rotation. Holistic grazing improves soil health. Fall and early winter cover crop and residue grazing significantly reduces     winter feeding costs.
Sara Harper
Exploring the
"Grounded Growth" Online Platform that Connects ReGen Farmers and Buyers: Sara is the founder of "Grounded Growth" - an online membership platform that supports and connects ReGen farmers (or those who want to move in that direction) with potential supply chain partners and consumers.
Sebastien Belliard
Warren Schneckenburger
Stuart Adams
Control traffic farming 101 (you don't have to start at a 100% )
Farmers are making Control Traffic Farming work at different levels - not just the full-scale modify-all-your-axles CTF, but also more accessible strategies such as matching equipment widths as much as possible.
James Dyck
Natural Air Grain Drying Drying grain uses a lot of fuel and adds expense - but is that the only way?
 Natural-air grain drying works well in Ontario,
but it takes a different approach.
Learn how to
make it work for you
and improve your grain quality while you're at it.
Panel 1: The Business Side of ReGen: What Are Buyers Looking For?
Ananda Fitzsimmons,  Kaytlyn Creutzberg and Sara Harper. Moderated by Odette Menard.
Panel  2: The Challenges of Adding the 5 ReGen Principles to Your Farm
Panelists: Michael Thompson, Blake Vince, Dr. Peter Kotzeff. Moderated by Joel Williams.
Carbon Wins in ReGen Systems - Michael Thompson
Soil Health and  Nutrient Availability - Joel Williams
Benefits of Mychorrizal Fungi - Joel Williams
Working Perennials Covers into Rotations - Louis Perusse & Mike Verdonck
Strip Till Tricks & Tweaks - Brian Ryberg and Harry Biermans
Soil Health Enemies on Your Farm - Odette Menard
60" Corn - Think Outside the Row! - Sebastien Angers
Integrating Cattle Grazing Into My Farm Operation - Dr. Peter Kotzeff
Control Traffic Farming 101 - Sebastian Belliard, 
Warren Schneckenberger and Stuart Adams
Enhanced Nitrogen Fertilizers - Dr. Mario Tenuta
Agronomic Effects of Glyphosate Degradation in Soils - Dr. Marc Lucotte
Setting up an Effective On-Farm Trial - Cameron Ogilvie
Recognition and Compensation for ReGen Farmers - Ananda Fitzsimmons
Foliars for Nutrient Feeding & Plant Health - Nadjia LaFontaine
 Using Foliar Diagnostic Tests, Visual Cues and Brix Readings
New Equipment - Hot Water Weed Killer - Mike Shuter
Enhanced Nitrogen Fertilizers - Dr. Mario Tenuta
Setting up an Effective On-Farm Trial - Cameron Ogilvie
Foliars for Nutrient Feeding & Plant Health - Nadjia LaFontaine
Using Foliar Diagnostic Tests, Visual Cues and Brix Readings
Connecting ReGen Farmers and Buyers - Sara Harper
Full Conference - Days 1 & 2 ( includes 2 lunches, breakfast and banquet) - $305
Day 1 only - 9:00 am - 5:15 pm - $180 (includes lunch)
Day 2 only - 8:30 am - 3:00 pm - $180 (includes lunch)
Banquet only - $60
after Feb 4th - Full Conference $405   Day 1 or 2 only - $250@
Pre-Conference Full Day Intensive Workshop
with Joel Williams
Tuesday February 18, 2020
Joel's golden rules...
  • Maintain soil cover always, there is no bare soil in nature.

  • Maintain soil cover always, there is no bare soil in nature.

  • Feed the soil – invest in soil fertility with green cover crop manures – find the time to do it, it is worth the result.

  • Apply carbon-based fertilizers.

  • Understand the soil food web.

Spend an entire day with
soil regeneration guru,
Joel Williams
Tues Feb 18, 2020
9 am to 5 pm
Best Western Lamplighter Inn
London, Ontario
Joel will also be speaking at 2 breakout sessions at the conference, so you still have a chance to learn from him!
Register for the conference soon!

Mike Belan chosen as

2020 Innovative Farmer of the Year

Every year, the Innovative Farmers of Ontario chooses a farmer who exemplifies great soil stewardship, progressive thinking,

and a drive to explore ways to improve their farming practices. 

We are pleased to announce Mike Belan

as our 2020 Innovative Farmer of the Year recipient.

Mike Belan is a 3rd generation farmer in Lambton County,

 presently farming over 1,000 acres with his father and uncle.

In 2012 the Belans began to assess the merit of moving their goals from yield to profit per acre and consistency. They had been practicing no till for years but began to incorporate cover crops mix and add heifers to graze cover crops.

The Belans have seen a beneficial impact from these changes including

reduced soil erosion, increased water infiltration and reduced compaction.

They are pleased with the results they have seen

and now say they wouldn't farm any other way.


Compaction Video Series:

Please Note — it's important to read both documents below to correctly interpret the data results.

Thank you to Matthias Stettler, Shawridge Farms,  Ian McDonald, the amazing OMAFRA soil team,

our soil pit session speakers, the sponsors,the equipment drivers, and all who participated. 

This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2 (GF2), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of GF2 in Ontario.

Innovative Farmers of Ontario wins Regional Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence 

The Innovative Farmers of Ontario

were the original instigators of the 

Soil Your Undies 

campaign to encourage and demonstrate

healthier soil management practices.

Our campaign went viral, with international media attention,

adoption by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada and a

Premier's Award from the Ontario provincial government.

Our Soil Your Undies campaign challenges farmers to bury a pair of white 100 % cotton briefs and then dig them up 8 weeks later.

The concept is if the briefs are eaten away and left in tatters, that shows healthy biological activity in their soil. If not, farmers could benefit by considering cover crops and other conservation methods to ramp up biological activity, increase soil organic matter and give their soils a healthy boost.