Innovative Farmers 2015 Conference Presentations
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Dwayne Beck The Value of Cover Crops
Increased Biodiversity
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Jonathon Lundgren Trading Biodiversity
For Pest Problems
Jeff Moyer What No Tillers Can Learn From Organic Farmers

Blake Vince Conserving Farmland with Cover Crops
Jeff Reints
Strip Tillage
in Spring, Residue & Precision
Ken Nixon: Compaction Solutions for No Till Headlands
Wayne Cantelon: Innovative Farmer of the Year
Jeff Moyer: Long Term Organic/Conventional Trial Comparisons
Jake Kraayenbrink: Cover Crops with Manure Side Dressing
Cover Crop
video by
IFAO Director and
Nuffield Scholar,
 Blake Vince
Andy van Neikerk: Soybean Yield Response to BioForge
Ed Hanson: Interseeding with Cover Crops
David Montgomery
"Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations" author
Restoring Soil Health
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Hewitt Creek Farms
Innisfil, near Barrie
featuring Dr. Christine Jones
How to Rebuild Tired Soil

Progressive Cover Crop Plots Single to Multi Species
with Demonstration Soil Pit
Using Manure with No Till
Registration Opening Soon
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