Innovative Farmers 2015 Conference Presentations
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Dwayne Beck The Value of Cover Crops
Increased Biodiversity
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Jonathon Lundgren Trading Biodiversity
For Pest Problems
Jeff Moyer What No Tillers Can Learn From Organic Farmers

Blake Vince Conserving Farmland with Cover Crops
Jeff Reints
Strip Tillage
in Spring, Residue & Precision
Cover Crop
video by
IFAO Conference Chair and
Nuffield Scholar,
 Blake Vince
David Montgomery
"Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations" author
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Regenerating Soil
Dr. Christine Jones interview from Acres USA.
Undies To Win!
Contest Rules
Bury 100% cotton underwear in your field on Sept 7th. Dig them up 8 weeks later. And win a registration for the
IFAO 2016 conference!
Video comparing decomposition of undies buried in no till/cover crop versus tilled soil.
The Benefits of Cover Crops on Cash Crop Performance
Mike Plummer, University of Missouri
Video of contest details ....