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Contest Rules
Bury 100% cotton underwear in your field on Sept 7th. Dig them up 8 weeks later. The pair that has decomposed the most wins a conference registration!
Video comparing decomposition of undies buried in no till/cover crop versus tilled soil.
Video of contest details ....
"Soil" your
undies to Win!
February 23 and 24, 2016, London
Innovative Farmers 2016 Conference
Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Guelph
2016 Marketing Workshop
Mike Mock, The Andersons Group
Steve Kell, Parrish & Heimbecker
"Building A Market Plan for 2016"
Gord Nysteun, Input Capital
"Introducing a New Contracts Tool"
Cost of Production Panel
Craig Drury, Ag Canada
"Economizing with Nitrogen Inhibitors"
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Early Bird Registration $99 to Dec 4th
$130 Dec 5- 11
Register Here
Joel Gruver, Western Illinois University
Soil Organic Matter and Cover Crops
Sara Singla
Moving From Sustainable to Regenerative
Jamie Scott, Indiana Cover Crop Guru
Cover Crops on a 2,000 Acre Operation
Aerial Cover Crop Seeding
on NoTill and Strip Till
Dr. Elaine Ingham
The Soil Foodweb
Fungicide and It's Impact on Beneficial Soil Fungi
Registration Deadline Dec 11th
Complete Agenda and Registration Coming Soon
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Loran Steilage, Iowa Innovator
Interseeding Cover Crops into Continuous Corn and Equipment Innovator Extrordinaire